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      Aerosol Overcaps, Covers
      Since 1967, our vision and commitment has made us a leader in aerosol overcaps and aerosol spray systems. If a custom overcap is needed, our design and product development teams will work with you to develop an overcap that will meet your specific product needs.

      Aluminum Can Overcaps

      We offer a wide variety of aluminum can cap styles to create an upscale look.

      Ball G3-HD Overcaps


      A variety of stock vented and spray-thru overcaps that fit Ball G3 Containers.

      DS Container Overcaps

      We offer a wide selection of stock overcaps that fit DS containers.

      Necked-in Overcaps

      Necked-in overcaps are the most popular selling style in the United States. Hook, rib, and double shell styles are available.

      Non-Aerosol Overcaps

      Non-aerosol overcaps fit plastic bottles for sprayer pumps or can be used as a measure cup for liquids.

      Sexton Overcaps

      We offer a variety of stock overcaps that are designed specifically for Sexton can applications.

      Straight Wall Overcaps

      Straight wall overcaps offer a more industrial and hardworking product look, varying from double shells, rim snaps, and snap locks for large actuator protection.

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