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      At Berry, we are always advancing to build a sustainable future. We offer a comprehensive line of sustainable packaging options. From recycled-content material and lightweighting, to innovative package design, we offer the right solution for your sustainable packaging needs.

      We continue to push the limits of PCR content in a variety of consumer packaging.

      Our leading-edge processes coupled with the latest material and product technology allows us to maximize the PCR content while maintaining the look, feel, and performance that your customers demand.

      Verdant packaging is available now in a variety of styles and sizes in both stock and custom bottles, tubes, jars, and closures.

      Resin Options

      • PET
      • HDPE
      • PP

      Full line of containers

      • Tubes:
        Laminate tubes with up to 75% PCR 
        Extruded tubes with up to 25% PCR
      • Bottles:
        PET: Made from 25% to 100% RPET
        HDPE: Available with 10% to 100% PCR
      • Jars: Available in single-, double- and heavy wall variety, in up to 100% PCR (color limitations with greater than 10% PCR)

      Complementary closures

      • Continuous thread closures/non-flip top: Up to 100% PCR content (color limitations with greater than 10% PCR)
      • Flip top closures: Up to 50% (color limitations apply with greater than 10% PCR)
      • Overcaps: 100% for black and grey. Up to 50% for other colors

      Premium decoration available

      • Soft touch
      • Registered embossing
      • Silk screen
      • Hot stamping
      • Cold foil
      • Premium flexographic

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